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Life exposes your body to heavy metals virtually every day: Arsenic is in some pesticides, mercury can be found in dental fillings and seafood, cadmium is in cigarette smoke and batteries, and lead may be found in drinking water or old paint. The buildup of heavy metals has been associated with liver damage, stomach problems, and circulation issues, as well as cancer. At LifeSpan Center for Integrative Medicine in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Dr. Mark Rawson uses advanced chelation therapy to help patients eliminate heavy metals safely and naturally.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is an effective way to rid your body of toxic heavy metals. When certain metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, enter your body, there are not good natural biologic mechanisms to eliminate the compound. Rather, the toxic metals are stored in tissue, accumulating over years, leading to deterioration of health. It is well-known that these heavy metals can have wide-ranging adverse health effects. They can impair immune function, disrupt hormones, and lead to neurologic damage. 

Chelators are substances that attach to these metals, forming a compound that your body can then eliminate.

At Lifespan Center for Integrative Medicine, we test you to quantify your body burden of toxic metals. Based on the findings, we then develop an individualized chelation program for you. 

Chelation using disodium EDTA is a highly-effective treatment for cardiovascular disease. The recent TACT trial, showed the benefits of chelation, particularly for persons who are diabetic and have had a heart attack. Physician experience over many decades has demonstrated reduction in cardiac events and strokes, and countless patients have avoided invasive procedures and surgeries.