Body Sculpting Q & A


Dr. Mark Rawson offers aesthetic services at the Lifespan Center for Integrative Medicine, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he performs state-of-the-art, noninvasive procedures that remove resistant pockets of fat. This type of body sculpting delivers the contoured and toned body that you might struggle to achieve even while following a healthy diet and exercising.

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a cosmetic medical procedure that improves the shape and appearance of your body by removing pockets of fat just beneath the skin. Noninvasive body sculpting, or body contouring, is achieved using medical devices that work from outside the skin without needing to make an incision. As a result, body sculpting isn’t used to remove large amounts of fat like you’d expect from a surgical procedure. It’s primarily used to eliminate those last areas of fat that stick around even after you’ve achieved and maintained a healthy weight.

How is noninvasive body sculpting achieved using SculpSure?

Dr. Rawson performs body sculpting with a state-of-the-art device called SculpSure, which uses lasers to permanently destroy fat cells. SculpSure’s laser operates at a controlled wavelength that lets it reach fat cells under the skin without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues.

After identifying the area of fat, Dr. Rawson places 1-4 flat applicators on top of your skin. They direct the laser to the targeted fat cells, where the laser heats the cells just enough to damage them. Then they gradually break down and get carried away by the body’s immune system. During the 25-minute process, you’ll feel cycles of deep warmth and cooling, and maybe a tingling sensation, but the procedure should not cause any pain.

What can you expect after a SculpSure treatment by Dr. Rawson?

Each SculpSure treatment can destroy up to 24 percent of the fat cells in the target area, but it takes a little time to see the results. You’ll start to see a better body contour in about 6-12 weeks, but it may take three months for all the destroyed fat cells to to disappear. With advanced technology and Dr. Rawson’s experience, you can gain the body shape you desire, then he can help you stay that way with integrative health care focusing on nutrition, supplements, and weight management strategies.